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Update on the 13.5nm optical constants overview

Updated figure for quick overview over the 13.5nm optical constants. Current optical constants published in the following journal papers:

  • Saadeh, Qais et al. Optics Express 29.25 (2021): 40993-41013.
  • Andrle, Anna et al. Journal of Applied Crystallography 54.2 (2021): 402-408.
  • Saadeh, Qais et al Applied Optics 61.33 (2022): 10032-10042.
  • Ciesielski, Richard et al. Applied Optics 61.8 (2022): 2060-2078.
  • Saadeh, Qais et al. Optical Materials Express 13.1 (2023): 78-91.
  • Saadeh, Qais et al. Optik 273 (2023): 170455.

New Database Record

Optical constants for TaCo
Reconstructed from reflection measurements in the wavelength range 8 - 22 nm

Tunability of the optical constants of tantalum-cobalt alloy thin films in the extreme ultraviolet  Optical Materials Express Vol. 13, Issue 1, pp. 78-91 (2023)

Qais Saadeh, Vicky Philipsen, Devesh Thakare, Philipp Naujok, Meiyi Wu, Frank Scholze, Christian Buchholz, Claudia Tagbo-Fotso, Ayhan Babalik, Bettina Kupper, and Victor Soltwisch

New Database Record

Co n&k from 8 nm - 25 nm

On the optical constants of cobalt in the M-absorption edge region

Qais Saadeh et al. 2023

New Database Record

Added Quartz n&k data 45 eV to 620 eV.

A. Andrle et al. J. Appl. Cryst. (2021). 54, 402-408
Quartz Data



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New Database Records

Mo, Ni, Pt, Ru, Ta, Te,  Ni2 Al3, Ni3 Al, NiAl, Pt2Mo, PtMo, PtTe, RuTa, Ru3Ta, Ru3Re, Ru3W, TaBN, TaTeN

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